About TEDxYouth@ASIJ

TEDxYouth@ASIJ is a student-driven project that sprung from the ASIJ Impact program, with the aim of self-efficacy and learning. Our event, which is licensed through the TEDx program of the TED conference, showcases ASIJ’s ideas worth spreading. Through hosting an annual TEDx conference, we aim to involve students at ASIJ on all sides of the event: whether they are organizing, speaking or attending. This event, which is in its second year, is dedicated to including all members of the ASIJ community.

The TEDxYouth@ASIJ team is headed by Seeun Kwon(Grade 11), with students contributing from all grade levels. The faculty advisors for this event are Mr. Alcodray and Mr. Duncan.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact us at tedxyouth@asij.ac.jp.

The Team

Seeun Kwon

Event Organizer



hugo hasegawa

Speaker Manager

Ravi jain

Logistics Director

nozomi GReiMEL

Speaker Manager Assistant

Hikari ueda

Marketing Assistant

sonomi izushima

Marketing Director

mr. alcodray

Faculty Sponsor and Speaker Coach

mr. Duncan

Faculty Sponsor and Speaker Coach