Apply to Speak

Interested in speaking at the TEDx event? We would love to have you!

The theme of our event is "Reflections: Starting From Ourselves." We are looking for stories of students who have made a difference, helped instigate change, and/or made an impact. There are no restrictions on topics beyond relation to the theme.

If you are interested in speaking, first fill our THIS interest form.

Interested applicants will then be required to submit an audition video pitching their talk. You do not need to have your video finished to to fill out the interest form.

The video should be a short pitch for what you imagine your talk would sound like. It should be about 1-3 minutes in length. This pitch should introduce us to the idea driving your talk, display your understanding of your topic, and showcase your presentation and public speaking skills. Beyond visibility/audibility, the technical quality of your audition video will not be a consideration in the process. Don't feel the need to explore every aspect of your talk, just introduce us to your ideas.

Good luck, tell us your story, and show us why your idea is worth spreading.